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If you are a practicing psychologist, can be an especially useful part of your behavioral therapy program. As a psychologist, allows your clients to use this system, while you are provided administrative access and reporting under a single login. Now you can actually monitor the progress of your clients in real-time if you so choose, in an unobtrusive way.

The practicing psychologist can use this system at a low monthly fee, and the clients under that account are not charged any fees. By offering this added value service to the appropriate client, your practice will certainly stand out.

If you would like more information, and/or would like your practice to start using , please call .

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  • Incorporate a token economy reward system into your client's family routine.
  • Families are inclined to follow the protocol better with an online version (as opposed to a manual token economy).
  • Easy collaboration with your client families.
  • Review / monitor their progress at any time you choose.
  • View your token economy patients under one login (seamlessly switch screens between clients).
  • Set your practice apart from other psychologists/therapists in your area.
  • Low monthly fee for up to 50 clients.