Reward, Redeem & Results

Reward, Redeem, Results sums up the TokenEconomy process and will ultimately help you reach the positive behavior goals when this parental tool is incorporated into your daily household routine.

About TokenEconomy
TokenEconomy may be the missing piece
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About TokenEconomy

TokenEconomy is a unique tool for Parents who need some assistance in helping their kids change patterns of poor behavior into positive actions worth rewarding. For years, "tokens" have been used by Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social Scientists to help children learn to wait for real rewards. In the past, incorporating a token economy was a very manual process, using pen/paper or Excel spreadsheets. There are major benefits of using the token economy concept, but it certainly can be difficult and time consuming to say the least. The lead founder of TokenEconomy has used this method with his own special needs child in conjunction with their Psychologist's mental health plan. With the positive experience of using a manual "token economy," coupled with a background in Website Development and Database programming, our founder was the perfect person to create this extremely useful parental tool. Now, there is an online system that takes the difficulties out of introducing a token economy into your family.

For Parents

TokenEconomy allows parents to set-up Responsibilities (like chores), Positive Behaviors (like calling grandma to say hello), and Life Skills (like brushing teeth without being told) within a trackable system. Once one of those items are performed, the parent can acknowledge the positive behavior and a token is assigned. After a child accumulates enough tokens, a reward can be redeemed. The system is completely customizable for your family's specific needs. You decide the value of the positive behavior (what it is worth), and the amount/type of the rewards. Negative behaviors can be tracked as well, and tokens can be removed from the child's reward account total.

For Children

Since children earn tokens for their positive behaviors, as well as personal and household chores, they are learning to work hard for their rewards. It is important for them to learn the value of a dollar, and this system helps them acquire that knowledge. Within TokenEconomy, 100 earned tokens has an "equivalent value" of 1 dollar (or, 1 earned token has the value of 1 cent). As they use the system on a regular basis, they will learn that there is a correlation between effort and reward. If you deem appropriate, children can login under their own username/password and can interact by viewing the daily reporting of their positive (and negative) behaviors.

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